Traveling On YouTube

YouTube is one of the major style icons for many young people. Its versatile menu includes cooking guides and recipes, comedy shows, everyday hacks and of course Music videos. Of late, personalized Travel videos have invaded the YouTube, forming a brand new obsession for YouTube’s massive audience. Not just the Travelers amongst us, ordinary family folk searching for holiday venues can find exhaustive videos of travel destinations on YouTube. YouTube has now extended its core functionality beyond presenting videos to actually allow social interactions through mind-broadening travel. Some of the Top YouTube Travel Channels will now be presented.

Starting A YouTube Travel Channel

To start a personal travel channel on YouTube or for that matter any channel, the following steps are recommended:

  • As a First Step, after signing into YouTube, click the ‘User’ Icon on the topmost Right hand corner of the screen.
  • Click on the ‘Gear’ icon next and get to your account’s YouTube Settings.
  • After clicking on ‘Create a New Channel’, choose ‘Use a business or other name’ and add the preferred brand name and click ‘create’.

Top YouTube Travel Channels

With engaging story-telling, striking videos cleverly edited and informative filler details, including personal glimpses, these travel channels not only help the weary, but also guide aspiring travelers to navigate the unfamiliar. 10 of the top YouTube travel channels are as follows:

The Bucket List Family: The Gee family call themselves as the ‘Family Travel Journalists’. They have been exploring the world, as a family, since 2015, when they sold everything, and commenced exploring the Globe with their three small children. Wide-eyed at the wonder and beauty of our planet, they draw the Viewer into their own fun-filled magical existence.

Vagabrothers: Two young brothers, Marco and Alex, have dubbed themselves as the ‘Vagabond Brothers’ (or ‘Vagabrothers’). They travel constantly, but take time out, every Tuesday, to post their travel experiences on YouTube. While Marco is the Script Writer and Producer, Alex is the Filmmaker and Photographer, as well as Editor of their travel film team.

Phil Good Travel: Phil’s moto is ‘Positivity’. Wherever he goes, he unites people, of all races, backgrounds and upbringings, together, smashing all stereo types. Phil is right now traveling all over Europe, in partnership with Matador Network, spreading his brand of infectious happiness.

Travel Yourself: This Travel Vlogger believes in showing both the good and the bad side of travel. Cailin O’Neil is a Canadian solo traveler and Vlogger, who travels in a seemingly haphazard manner around the world. Her ‘City in a Minute’ videos of popular destinations are a sight for sore eyes.

Hopscotch the Globe: Kristen and Siya travel with a new-born child look easy. Absolute professionals, their episodes are laced with tons of useful tips. They are an inspiration to all, with their advice on travel budgets, perfecting travel habits, and thinking outside the box when traveling.

Wolter’s World: Mark and Jocelyn Wolter travel around the world with their two children in tow, spewing worldly advice on travel, and the nature of people everywhere. This top channel tells it like it is on YouTube. These episodes are packed to the gill with useful information, including costs, and pitfalls to watch out for.

Fearless and Far: Mike Corey is an extraordinary traveler, who takes the follower to the most unexpected corners of the world. He takes his fans on a journey to Mexico, to watch the Exploding Hammer Festival. Then he takes viewers to experience a Kambo Cleansing Ceremony in Amazonia. He even documents seeking out “romantic” connections using Local Fuck App in locations around the world. The surprises, and sometimes the shock, pile on each other, making each episode quite breathless.

Sailing La Vagabonde: Elena and Riley are two young Australians on an impossible journey across the oceans. With no previous sailing experience, and tiny baby Lenny to tend to, they have already traveled over 50,000 nautical miles. This is truly an epic sea adventure!

Planet D: Dave and Deb have traveled to over 100 countries, sometimes under adverse conditions. This wonder couple has even been named a Forbes Top Travel Influencer.

Drew Binsky: Drew has been traveling since 2012, after passing out from Prague, and has already traversed over 150 countries, backed by Lonely Planet, Go Pro, Huffington Post, and Elite Daily.